VAMA Click-N-Connect
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What is Click-N-Connect?

Click-N-Connect is a brand new free online service created by VAMA for it’s members.  VAMA member management companies and communities can use the online Click-N-Connect portal to request bids for products, services and projects from VAMA Supplier Members. 

How does it work?

VAMA has a database of VAMA supplier members that provide over 50 various products, services and projects for the apartment industry.  When a supplier member joins VAMA, they tell us what products, services and projects they provide as well as the area in which they want to be a member.  The VAMA Click-N-Connect online portal contains this supplier database information. 

When a Management Company or Community representative (Maintenance Supervisor, Property Manager, Regional Manager…etc) logs into the VAMA website with their VAMA user ID and password under the VAMA member resources section, they can pull up the VAMA Click-N-Connect portal, input information to request a proposal on a product, service or project they want done for their property.

Once the information is submitted into the VAMA Click-N-Connect online portal, the system automatically sends the information to the corresponding supplier members that provide that product, service or project you requested, in the area in which you are located.

Once the VAMA member supplier company receives your request for a bid, they will contact you with additional pricing, information, answer questions or request more detailed specifics about the project not covered in the online submission.

How do I get started? 


To get started using  the VAMA Click-N-Connect online    portal, you must go to 

Once you  are  on  the  homepage,    hover your mouse over where it says "Member Resources"  and then a drop down menu will appear.  You will then see 2nd down on the list "VAMA Click-N-Connect RFP Portal", click on those words. 

Since this is a VAMA member benefit, you will need your VAMA username and password to login.  If you do not know your username and password, please contact the VAMA office at (804) 756-8262.  



Contact the VAMA Office to make sure your products     and services list is updated for all of the products and services in which you provide and that your email address is correct.

You will receive an email notification once you receive a RFP from a Management Company or Apartment Community with the subject line

"New Sales Lead: Service requested from VAMA Member"

from the email address 

When you receive this email, you will click on the link which will prompt you to login to the members only Click-N-Connect section of the VAMA website to view the RFPs.   You will need your VAMA username and password.  If you do not know your username and password, please contact the VAMA office at (804) 756-8262.  

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about using the VAMA Click-N-Connect online portal, please contact us at (804) 756-8262!

Your feedback is important to us:

As with all new product releases, we are constantly improving the product as it evolves.  Your feedback on your user experience is important to us.  Please email with your feedback and/or testimonial.