Government Affairs
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The financial profitability of your asset is highly reliant on what happens at the federal, state and local levels of government.  At VAMA, we understand that and our VAMA Legislative team is dedicated to keeping our members informed about how existing and proposed laws taking place in Virginia.  They are constantly fighting to protect the rights of apartment property owners and operators and provide you with the best environment possible in which to do business.

It is the charge of VAMA's Legislative Committee and lobbying team to oversee the execution and development of VAMA's government affairs strategy and agenda. Even when the Virginia Legislature is not in session, our Legislative team is working harder than ever for you building relationships, monitoring legislative activity, and affecting upcoming state and local legislation.


Not only does VAMA's Legislative Committee and government affairs team monitor all state legislation, but through our association with the National Apartment Association and our affiliated chapters, VAMA members stay up to date on all laws and regulations - Federal and State -  that may affect their property operations.


Very simply put, VAMA is YOUR lobbyist and government affairs specialist! All for a fraction of the cost of retaining professional in-house government affairs counsel.


VAMA's Legislative Committee holds meetings weekly during Virginia's General Assembly session and then once every month during the off session. For more information on VAMA's Legislative involvement or simply to become an active member of VAMA please CLICK HERE.


For more information on what the National Apartment Association is monitoring and working on at the Federal level, please CLICK HERE.


   Meet Your VAMA Legislative Team:    


           Patrick McCloud                 VAMA Chief Executive  Officer 

          Tommy Herbert            VAMA Manager of Government Affairs

              Brian Gordon               VAMA & AOBA Lobbyist


             Bismah Ahmed             VAMA & AOBA Lobbyist


          Renee Pulliam            Matrix Residential & VAMA Legislative Chair