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Virginia Rent Relief Program Details

Thursday, July 9, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tommy Herbert
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Recently, Governor Northam announced his Rent and Mortgage Relief Program (RMRP), which began on June 29. This program will help provide funds on behalf of renters to landlords in one of two models, and will be administered by a network of non-profits and local government bodies throughout the Commonwealth.  


The FAQ section below can answer some of the most common questions, and you can read the full program guide at this link. It is mostly geared toward the “grantees” of the program, which are the organizations administering the funding.


How much funding is available?

The first round of funding is for $50 million, with no more than 15% allowed to be spend on administration. A possibility exists for a second round of funding, but the chance is unclear currently.


Who applies?

To apply for aid, the renter will reach out to one of the regional grantees.


Who is eligible?

RMRP funds can be applied for by renters who meet the following requirements:

1.     Have a valid lease at or below 150% of Fair Market Rent (FMR)

2.     Have a gross household income of 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) or below

3.     Have experienced a loss in income due to the COVID-19 crisis (documentation required)


Who gets first priority?

·      Through July 20, priority will be given to households at or below 50% of AMI

·      Households currently facing eviction, be it an Unlawful Detainer, a writ of eviction, or a judgement of possession, will be given priority. Households with an Unlawful Detainer dated prior to June 8 will be considered a top priority

·      Grantees must target outreach to existing organizations serving communities of color and collect data on the demographics of households served


How do I get paid?

Payments will come directly to housing providers after the application submitted by the renter is approved. Outreach from your local grantee should be forthcoming once an application has been approved. You can find out which organization is covering your area at this link.


What requirements are on me as a landlord?

To participate in the program, you’ll be asked to choose between two models of aid:

1.     Provision of RMRP financial assistance for one month of current rent and up to three months of past due rent with landlord forgiving an equal number of months of past due bills (rent and all associated fees).

2.     Provision of RMRP financial assistance for one month of current rent and up to one month past due rent with landlord implementing repayment plan for any remaining unpaid past due bills (rent and all associated fees).


These are just top line features of the program, and in coming days as implementation moves forward, VAMA will be reaching out with more information as we have it. As a reminder, you can find a list of regional grantees here, and access the full program guidelines here. The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development has developed a fact sheet that you can access here as well.


If you have any specific questions on the program that can’t be answered in these resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tommy Herbert at