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2018/2019 VAMA Redbook Available!

Monday, September 17, 2018  
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Ever had questions about:

What to do when there is a lease violation?
How the eviction process works?
We found bed bugs. Now what?
Worried about Fair Housing?
How does the Service Members Civil Relief Act affect us?
and anything else!

What if one publication could answer it all?

* * * *

Introducing VAMA's Virginia Redbook! Virginia's only legal guide designed exclusively for multifamily rental housing owners and operators.

In this business legal questions abound, and no other organization better knows the challenges multifamily owners and operators face; that is why we have designed the Virginia Redbook. Your time is expensive! Start saving money now and increase your NOI by bringing the legal information you need to know directly to your finger tips.

Don't wait! Order your copy today!

Special Discount available for VAMA/NAA Lease Program users! See Details.