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If you are in housing, you are in politics. From fair housing to Landlord Tenant Law, energy to the environment, the 140 members of the Virginia House of Delegates play a huge role in shaping the policy and economic climate for the apartment housing industry.  It takes not only the collective power of VAMA, but also the work of individuals at the grassroots level to make sure we, as an industry, are at the table and not "on the menu" when important policy decisions are made.

VAMPAC is the bi-partisan political action committee that supports Virginia candidates who represent good government and understand the needs and concerns of the apartment housing industry.  VAMA is prohibited from using general account funds such as membership dues or other revenue to contribute to elections. That means VAMPAC, by pooling the individual contributions of VAMA members, is the only vehicle through which VAMA and its members may participate in the political process. VAMPAC may accept both personal and corporate contributions from members.

Make your voice heard and help us reach our goal!  Contribute today!

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