Where membership is about more than just the buildings.
It's the professionals who manage them!

"Nothing sells itself! Our people sell our communities and our team of associates stand above the rest. This is because of the education, training, networking opportunities and industry knowledge they gained as members of VAMA's CVAA division, and the National Apartment Association.

Dwight D. Dunton III, President
Bonaventure Realty Group

CVAA, a division of VAMA, is your leading advocate for quality rental housing. We serve the interest of multifamily owners, managers, developers and suppliers by maintaining a high level of professionalism in the multifamily industry to better serve the rental housing needs of the public.

While you are here take a look around and check out all the benefits we offer our members. Achieving a return on your investment has never been easier. We are here to help so CLICK HERE to contact our CVAA team and become a member today!

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The Virginia Apartment Management Association
An Affiliate of the National Apartment Association

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